Cabbage Coral and Diver at Deep Six Similan Islands
Cabbage Coral and Diver at Deep Six Similan Islands

Deep Six Similan has the coolest moniker of all the dive sites in the Andaman Sea, it is derived from an old maritime term denoting to its idiomatic meaning from the line ‘something has gone overboard at or greater than six fathoms in depth and would be rather difficult if not completely impossible to recover.

Deep Six is another of the difficult sites in the Similan Islands and does not get dived as frequently as it should. It is much deeper than six fathoms and if something did go overboard, we can get it back because now we have scuba gear, though it is deep here so best not to try it out.

This was one of numerous dive sites that got rather smashed about during the Tsunami of 2004. Again like the other sites on the west of the Similan’s it is made of massive rocks, one of which is a huge slab of granite that just appears to go on and on, this site gets deep fifty metres and then some, down there is where the Reef Sharks hang out.

Deep Six Similan – Dive Fabio’s logbook

Diver and Gorgonia at Deep Six Similan Islands
Diver and Gorgonia at Deep Six

Deep Six and the visibility is exceptional today and we can see the bottom from the surface must be forty metres or more, as we started to drop away, lustrous Fusiliers a thousand strong, went spiraling by us, such an gorgeous festivity of colour, I did not see what may have startled them, and I could only guess.

We got down to near twenty four metres, and out on the edge of the dive site where the current is strongest, it was not too bad at all today, allowing us to hang free in mid-water for a few minutes, we looked to catch a glimpse of any shark activity, and there in the distant depths there were half a dozen small apex predators all were slashing around looking for food, unfortunately we could not get any closer to them.

Moray Eel at Deep Six Similan Islands, Thailand
Moray Eel at Deep Six

As we made our way back to the closer to the larger boulders of the site we found several glorious swim through’s, one must be careful going through these gaps, as there can be some surge, and if you do not have your buoyancy precise you can easily knock your head or injure and cut yourself on the walls -the swim through’s they are fun.

The current began to get into full swing now and started to push us south along the granites stones, so we rose to five metres for the safety stop, we then gently glided along with the current for a few minutes, which was very enjoyable, several large Batfish came by to check us out and permitted us to take some great pictures of them, another happy dive had by all.