Diver and Turtle at West of Eden, Similan Islands.
Diver and Turtle

West of Eden is a somewhat an emotional dive site because only up to a several years ago it was seldom dived. The reason being, just around the corner is its big sister East of Eden the most wonderful site in the Similan’s.

Now East of Eden ‘was’ the most beautiful dive site in the entire Similan’s, however due to the enormous pounding it received during the Tsunami 2004 and then even more recently the coral bleaching which was only a few years back, and that pretty much ended it off, well for a long time to come, it’s a real sad scuba story.

West of Eden essentially backs against an additional great Thailand Liveaboards dive site named Deep Six and on West of Eden the currents and the can be really interesting. This site sits on the west side has several enormous virtually square granite rocks which create an exceptional site for foraging about in.

This site is also good for photographers as there are many places for catching great shots. There are loads of Moray Eels, Hawksbill Turtle’s, Large Octopus, also there are several Titan Trigger fish, so stay away from them if they are nesting.

West of Eden Similan – Dive Fabio’s Logbook

Moray Eel and Cleaner Wrasse at West of Eden at Similan Islands, Thailand. The visibility today is only twenty metres not somewhat as good as the other two sites we have done today, yet there is just as much life here, possibly more. It must be red Tooth Trigger Fish breeding period, for every few metres along the bottom they are on their small nests; they arrange their nests by shooting water jets from their mouths into the small rocks and corals on the bottom, which reveal the sandy area beneath.

We swam against the tide heading up towards Deep Six –another sensational but testing dive site. When we reached the huge boulders of Deep Six, where we could feel the current gradually growing stronger, we then headed back and with the current making our return to the boat easy.

On the way back, there were a couple of Moray Eels having a right old scrap. The fight was between a Yellow Edged and a Giant Moray this was going to be good.

I actually missed the start of the fight, so not sure what they were arguing about, possible territory or food or a woman, the Giant Moray had quite large cut on its mouth and the Yellow Edge had a several large slashes along its slender body, I wisely thought it best to give them a wide birth, no point in us getting involved.

Another great dive next stop Elephant Head Rock, let’s get it on.