Siam and Bungalow Bay - Aerial Shot
Siam and Bungalow Bay – Aerial Shot

Racha Yai otherwise known as Raya Yai or Raja Yai, lies only 18 miles south of Chalong. The Racha Islands are comprised of two islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi which is directly south.

Racha Yai is also fantastic for doing the PADI Open Water and Advanced Courses here too… Continue Reading…


Racha Yai Dive Sites:

  • Homerun
  • Lucy’s Reef
  • Marla’s Mystery
  • Siam Bay
  • Bungalow Bay

Racha Yai is surrounded by beautifully warmed azure waters, which kiss pure white sandy beaches all along its pretty coast line. It is the kind of fine sand that just slips through your toes. Racha Yai is second only to Phi Phi Island for its popularity, most of the day trippers come from Phuket, whom come to enjoy the fantastic sunshine while snorkeling and scuba diving on the beautiful coral reefs.

The island also offers accommodation to those that wish to stay a night or two or three. When the day boats have left back to the mainland, the place really does sink back into its own seclusion, it is truly a wonderfully calming place. Just to sit on the beach with an ice cold drink and watch the sun disappear over the horizon, absolute peace and quiet descends; perfection to the extreme.

Racha Yai is a fantastic place to stay for a short while especially if you have a hectic lifestyle back at home. At night time the island is so quite you can hear the wildlife calling you out. There are only a couple of bars and restaurants on the island, all of which are quite romantically placed for great viewing of the night sky.

Racha Yai - Emrald Seas
Racha Yai – Emrald Seas

Anyhow scuba diving and snorkeling are the two activities that most people come here for, and which is possible throughout the entire year. The visibility here on the reefs is usually about 20 metres or so though it can reach 30 metres plus.

The marine life is diverse too; there are lots of fishes to find, Barracuda, Trevallies Dogtooth Tunas all hunting, wrasses painted like a picture, Parrotfishes gliding by like little colorful air balloons. It’s magical.

There are 5 different bays on the island, the biggest bay is called Bungalow bay, which is so called because of the bungalow resort which sits bang in the middle of the beach, and then there is Siam Bay, a much quieter area also with a connection to a little resort, probably even more beautiful than Bungalow Bay itself.

Wreck Diver Racha Yai
Wreck Diver Racha Yai

There are several wreck dives to explore on Racha Yai too.

Then on the opposite side the east side there are several more little bays, and this is where the boats come for snorkeling and fishing and kayaking and diving.

Racha Yai is accessible throughout the entire year, however it can get rough during the westerly monsoon blowing in off the Indian Ocean, and it can send the boats rocking a little. Usually though the boats go out every day; of course, why not, it is paradise.

We can offer you many different packages tailored to suit you and only you. Whether you would like to go for half a day or spend a night or two on the island dissolving yourself into the local island cultures and relaxed way of life.

During the last few years Racha Yai has enjoyed a vast improvement of services and amenities on the island. Although still relatively unknown to the majority of travellers that come to Phuket, divers who come here will know the island very well indeed. Trust your instincts and come to relax and dive and on Racha Yai, it’s the perfect place to unwind and chill out.

Racha Yai has really become popular with overnight guests, it is still relatively unknown, but there is a little building work going on. So it may be worth going to see this pure paradise island before there are too many buildings on there. You won’t be disappointed, and you will come back so relaxed and chilled out you will wish you never left the place.