Batfish - Collision Course
Batfish – Collision Course

Racha Noi – Banana Bay offers something for everyone here even snorkelers can do their thing it is so relaxed and chilled out in this area, it is the perfect spot for everyone wishing to enjoy the marine life.

Racha Noi is a very Popular dive spot for Technical Divers doing TEC Courses and wishing to get deep Continue Reading…

Also it is fantastic for doing the PADI Open Water and Advanced Courses here too… Continue Reading…

It has very gentle sloping reef, with a much varied ecosystem, which includes many different hard and soft corals and the reef fishes are instantly recognisable.

Racha Noi – Banana Bay has great all year round visibility with hardly ever less than 20 meters. Banana Bay, sits half way down the Island on the east.  The gentle sloping reefs make it an easy dive site for everyone, from beginner to experience divers.

The area is covered in Staghorn Coral (a hard coral) and there are several large boulders littering the bottom, the site then slopes down off into sand and then slowly disappears off into the hazy blue waters of the Andaman.

Further out on the reef fringes 50/60 meters depth is attainable, it is possible to see or join in for Technical Dive Training.

There are so many fish: Yellow and One Spot Snappers and amazing colourful Fusiliers, Common and Spot Fin Lionfish herd their prey into lair without any thought other than filling their stomachs.

There is a large variety of Moray Eels. Loads of species of Wrasse and Parrotfish, Trumpet fish follow Groupers in order to conceal their hunting activities.

A good idea of this dive site is to spot the Garden Eels, these little creatures love sandy bottoms and are hard to spot if you are not paying attention. They bury themselves in the sand in order to conceal themselves from predators.

Garden Eels - Close Up
Garden Eel – Close Up

They are usually seen within groups and these groups can be as small as just a few to a complete area covered in them, hence the name. They wait with their mouths open while swaying in the current, waiting for small Zoo plankton and other creatures to pass them so they can gobble up.


  • Max depth: 20 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Novice upwards.
  • Visibility: 20/40 metres
  • Current: very minor.
  • Season: October through June.

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