Racha Noi - South Tip
Racha Noi – South Tip

Racha Noi is the smaller of the two Racha islands (sometimes referred to as Raja or Raya) the dive sites here really drop off deep, especially South Tip. Racha Noi is another 50 minutes by dive boat away from big brother Racha Yai.

Racha Noi is a very Popular dive spot for Technical Divers doing TEC Courses and wishing to get deep Continue Reading…

Also it is fantastic for doing the PADI Open Water and Advanced Courses here too… Continue Reading…

Racha Noi is the last outpost of Phuket, really proved by the fact that it has much deeper areas, and divers must keep an eye on their gauges here, both time and depth, as it would be easy to exceed dive limits.

Racha Noi is much more untamed and rugged than Racha Yai, there are no hotels on the island and it is rather inaccessible and not easy to get on the island at all. The island is almost split in two, right in the centre in fact, making it even more dramatic. It is worth the trip out here just to have a look at the islands rock formation, it is quite beautiful.

The area is well-known, yet it is a quite spot, a favourite for private yachts, it’s a secluded area with not many day trippers at all, just the occasional dive boat – serving the local trips from Phuket. Several dive boats dive here all year round, but on occasion the crossing can be a little rough, especially in the wet season.

Sailfish -  Jumping
Sailfish – Jumping

Sailfish can be seen jumping clear of the water, making it popular with deep sea fisherman. It is also possible to spot Whales, in fact only recently; I saw one with its calf, wonderful experience indeed.

Racha Noi, as I mentioned, is the last stop off point before the Andaman Sea gets deep again –next stop due southeast is Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. And Phuket is straight bang on North.

Being so deep Racha Noi does attract some big boys Including, Manta Rays, Whalesharks, Big Tuna, Barracuda, Trevally’s, Black Tip and Grey and White Tip Reef Sharks.

Racha Noi dive Sites