Coral Garden - Diving Phi Phi Island
Coral Garden – Phi Phi

Diving Phi Phi Island – Coral Garden – Phi Phi Island sits on the North West side of Phi Phi Leh where you will also find Maya Bay, and just out right side of the bay you will come upon a small bay and this the start of Coral Garden.

All the dive sites around Phi Phi are ideal for all PADI Dive Courses: Discover Scuba Diver Open Water Diver, continue reading…

The soft corals along the wall are absolutely in mint condition and the corals are to die for, reds blues, orange, purples, it is simply breath-taking.

This is for everyone to enjoy, the vast array of colours and beauty of this  glorious dive site, with the depth not exceeding more than 18 metres everyone from a fledgling diver to the most experienced will have fun here. The start of the dive is around 8 metres and as you drop down onto the sand area you then can get an idea what this site is all about.

Phi Phi Island has many dive shops and many of the staff who work there like the Instructors and Divemasters all love to dive this one. It is best dived in the afternoon as there will be a little more light than the morning,  proved by the boats that go there in the afternoon, many of the Phi Phi boats will do a first dive on one of the Bida islands then for the second, like to come and enjoy Coral Garden.

Along the wall there are several overhangs and a couple of swim throughs, and to make this dive even more exciting it is possible to find Harlequin Ghost pipefish and Tiger Tail Seahorses.

Giant Moray  at Coral Garden while Diving Phi Phi Island
Giant Moray – Coral Garden

Further along the sight down to about 12 metres, the whole reef appears before you, the visibility is usually better here than most of the others sites in the area.

The wall should be on your left otherwise you are going the wrong way, swimming out towards some large boulders almost guarantees Giant Morays very large Grouper sightings, also half buried into the sand keep your eyes peeled for Blue Spotted Stingrays.

One of my most recent dives there and one that sticks in my memory, is the time I witnessed a Giant Moray and a Coral banded Sea Snake having a fight, I am not sure who won, but the Snake seemed to be happier about getting out of there more than the Eel did. The whole episode was actually caught on film, but like the sea snake, that seems to have disappeared too.

Anyhow, turning back into the reef and you can re-join the beautiful soft corals hanging gracefully of the side of the rocks. You should find a little swim through it will be covered in glass fish, and these poor blighters will be getting smashed every time the Trevallies and Yellow Tailed Mackerels are in town.

There is also a large school of Yellow Snappers, the school used to be twice, probably three times, the size, that was until a team of crack Spinner Dolphins came rattling through here and gorged themselves of the tasty little fish.

If you like pretty fish to look at then they are here in abundance too with Angel fish here, there is a couple of breeding pairs of Blue Ringed and Emperors and the younger fish of these species are the most spectacular of juveniles, with their beautiful blue swirling colourations.

Common Lionfish - Coral Garden
Common Lionfish – Coral Garden

There are so many fish on this site it would take all day toi name them but I shall offer a quick fish list : Barracuda’s, Trevallies, Angel Fish, Snapper, Scorpion fish, Hawksbill Turtles, many different Morays, Small Tuna and mackerels, the list goes on, oh and don’t forget the Sea Horses and Pipe Fish bring a camera here it is well worth it.

Diving Phi Phi Island Facts

  • Max depth: 18 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.
  • Visibility: 15 Meters
  • Current: none to strong
  • Recommended Season: All year round is possible

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