Diver along Drop off at North Point
Diver along Drop

North Point or Rocky Point can be found at the very end of Similan Island number nine and is very close to Christmas Point, this dive site comprises of massive granite boulders.

The site has a very large red buoy marking the start of this Similan dive site; it is always a good idea to use the descent line as it helps when the current running here, as it can easily move divers off the site.

When diving on this fantastic Similan Islands deep dive site, you will see, especially on a good Viz day, the bottom dropping down to, and way out beyond, fifty metres. However we do not go to those depths on any normal day, we generally head in towards the shallower areas where a thirty metre depth can be found.

The rock creations make some sweet exciting little swim through’s and are at around the twenty metre mark. There are simply hundreds and hundreds of Surgeon fish, with large groups of Goat fish grazing on the outer edges reef, take a look out down you may even find some of the White Tip Reef Sharks, they are really there you just have to find them they tend to be quite deep.

North Point – Excerpt from Dive Anabel’s logbook

Lion Fish at Similan Islands
Lion Fish at Similan Islands

North Point or Rocky Point as it is also widely known as – today, unfortunately the visibility is only ten metres which is not normal for this time of year. However that did not stop us having an excellent scuba dive.

North Point can get deep very quickly so it is wise to keep your eye on your gauges here. We descended quite slowly down and started searching the large granite boulders for any hidden gems, it is quite easy to lose check of the depth and time here, and again I recommend regular gauge checking.
This site is a little like Elephant Head Rock as there are some fabulous swim through’s which have been formed by the large granite boulders which are endemic to the Similans. We proceeded to make our way through monstrous rocks stopping only when we spotted a couple of Jens Pipefish doing their dance in an isolated small cavern.

We swam a little further around, where we then found a large school of Goat Fish. Whom all of a sudden, stopped what they were doing to keep a cautionary eye on the ‘the bubble blowing brigade’ and once content that we were no danger, they swam on by.

Further still off down into the deep, way way out, we could just make out two shark like silhouettes, just what these actually were will remain one of those little unexplained mysteries. I would put a dollar bill on them being a couple of Grey Reef Sharks. Grey Reefs have been attracted here recently due to the cooler and turbid waters.

North Point is open for Scuba diving from November to April and is part of most Thailand Liveaboard trips and Diving Day trips from Khao Lak.