Leopard - Zebra Shark
Leopard – Zebra Shark

Phuket Shark Point is easily identified by its main pinnacle protruding the water’s surface.

is a great dive to do as part of the Adventure or Advanced Dive Courses.

Try not to be deceived by the size of the pinnacle, there are several other pinnacles below the surface, making Shark Point one of the most diverse dive sites in the area. It may take several dives to explore all it has to offer.

Phuket Shark Point marine life includes: Leopard sharks, these sharks are among some of the most graceful of swimmers. They have a very distinct tail fin (caudal fin), half the shark’s total length in fact, with beautiful leopard markings.

If approached with care, you can sometimes get quite close to and watch them sleep; they are generally nocturnal feeders. However, they can be very timid and with a flick of their tail they will be gone.

Great Barracuda
Great Barracuda

Also here you will find Blue Spotted Stingrays, Great Barracuda a school of smaller Chevron Barracuda hunt here as well, many species of scorpion fishes like the Bearded and Raggy Scorpion Fish, also Reef Stone Fish, Lionfish, loads of different and colourful Wrasses and Parrot fish, Undulated, Fimbriated White Eyed and Giant Moray eels can be found here.

On Phuket Shark Point I recently saw a couple of Snake Eels too, you may also spot Squid, Cuttlefish maybe even an Octopus, there are some great macro stuff here, like Tiger Tail Seahorses and several species of Pipefish.

The site is not too far from the King Cruiser and Anemone Reef dive sites, and many companies incorporate them into a one day dive trip, usually included also is Koh Doc Mai.

Phuket Shark Point is suitable for most levels although the surface can become wavy quite quickly, there can also be some interesting currents. The site is ideal for those who are just out fun diving, but also it serves as a great spot for dives that are part of a course, like the Adventure and Advanced courses. Many dives from the Padi specialities list can be completed here too.


  • Max depth: 28m
  • Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.
  • Visibility: 5 / 20m
  • Current: weak to strong.
  • Special features: Can be strong currents excellent for drift dives. Numerous pinnacles to explore
  • Quick tip: Remember there is more than one pinnacle to explore of this large dive site.
  • Recommended season: All year round

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