Stingray at Black Rock, Burma
Stingray at Black Rock

Black Rock – Situated roughly 100 Kilometres North West of Three Islands and 200 kilometres North West of Kawthaung sits this isolated peak. Black Rock is about 80 metres in length and 30 metres wide and is one of the finest Burma dive sites in the Mergui Archipelago.

On the South and Western sides is mainly a wall dive which drops down to 40 metres. On the North Eastern Side slopes into a sandy reef which is home to large Gorgonian Sea Fans, with hard and soft corals.

The vis here can range from 5 metres to 40 metres +. The currents similar in comparison and can range from slack to very strong running from North West to south east. Here the currents can also push you down or you can also get upward currents too so watch your depth.

This dive site is more suited to the experienced diver and should only be attempted by experienced divers. This dive site is a quite a long way from other die sites, however it is well worth the trip. Black Rock is without doubt one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Andaman Sea, and if the visibility is on form, you will be rewarded with a glorious dive, guaranteed to put a smile on even the most experienced diver.

Manta Ray at Black Rock, BurmaThere is no particular entry point here as jumping in anywhere is possible, however do take the currents into account before exiting the boat. As you explore the deeper parts first, you may see White Tip Reef Sharks as well as Silver Tip Reef Sharks you can also bump into Grey Reef Sharks and the majestic Eagle Rays. There have also been sightings of Bull Sharks here so keep your eyes peeled, it truly is a wonderful dive site for large sharks and pelagics such as Manta Rays and Whale Sharks too.

In mid-water it’s easy to spot large Schools of Rainbow Runners, Barracudas, Snappers, Tuna’s and other Jack fishes and Fusiliers. Some other reef fish you may encounter are Black Spotted Puffer Fish, Batfish, Moray Eels with varieties ranging from Giant, Jewelled, Fimbriated and Zebra and Yellow Margined), Red Tooth and Titan Trigger Fish, Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, many varieties of Box Fish, Oriental Sweetlips, Anemone Fish, rare Cowries, and Nudibranchs and so much more.

Dive Tips

  • Max depth: 70 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Advanced open water upwards.
  • Visibility: 10/40 meters
  • Current: Moderate to strong
  • Season: October through June