Nurse Sharks at Shark Cave Burma - Diving Myanmar
Nurse Sharks at Shark Cave Burma – Diving Myanmar

Shark Cave Burma – This dive site has a few different names such as ‘Shark Cave’, ‘Three Islets’ and ‘In Through the Outdoor’ and whatever name you decide on, you will simply be amazed at its sheer beauty.

The Myanmar diving site is located approximately 30 clicks NW of Stewart Island and consists of 1 small island and a couple of large rocks which rise steeply from the surface.

The island sits in between the two towering rocks; this is a huge dive site and not one where you will see everything on one dive, so we recommend several dives here.

Sepias at Shark Cave Burma - Diving Myanmar
Sepias at Shark Cave Burma – Diving Myanmar

The rock to the North West is at about 100 metres from the chief Island and owing to currents, which can be strong; you would be wise to complete this as single dive. The rock to the South East is closer to the main Island and has submerged reef covered in hard corals.

Best to begin the dive by diving the main island first, try to start on the southern end typically in the middle of the island.

There are quite a few large boulders perched on top of one another. Watch out for sleeping Nurse Sharks and Blotched Stingrays along the bottom. Following the wall and out onto the sand you should find Sea anemones home of course to Nemo and his friends.

Canyon at Shark Cave Burma - Diving Myanmar
Canyon at Shark Cave Burma – Diving Myanmar

Around 40 metres along there is a jagged split in the island, about 18/20 metres in depth, following North into the channel you may find some Lobsters, and even more Stingrays and Nurse Sharks. There is a light which shines through from both ends, take a torch anyhow –if available.

And as you exit the canyon you may find some actively hunting Grey Reef Sharks, not dangerous, but please respect their space even still.

At Shark cave Burma you will also find some spectacular Gorgonian sea fans, both soft and hard corals, also keep your eyes peeled for the smaller macro stuff such as Seahorses, Ornate Pipefish, Frogfish.

Also the predators on patrol consist of Jacks, Barracudas, Trevallies and Tuna. This is some of the best diving in the Myanmar (Burma) Mergui Archipelago and I am sure you will want to make several dives here.