Whaleshark - Big Kiss
Whaleshark – Big Kiss

Koh Tachai though some distance away from the rest of the Surin Islands it is also classed as part of the Surin archipelago and not the Similan Island group.

It is a great place to do Padi Courses here too. Deep Diver, Fish ID, Drift, the advanced course was made to fit Koh Tachai -well maybe not but it is an amzing dive site

Koh Tachai offers some of the finest diving in the whole of the country. There are a couple of decent dive sites around Tachai island, however there is only one ‘The Pinnacle’ or the Dome as it is occasionally referred to.

It is without doubt, one of the harder dive sites in the area, as the current can start to move very fast, and it is paramount to make sure that you listen to your dive guide on the very best way to dive this amazing and exciting dive site.

As divers descend down one of the several secure mooring lines, it does become quite apparent just why this dive site is so well love and respected by all that dive here.

Koh Tachai throws up some serious action, at times (with some current) I honestly believe that this dive site is the number one dive site in Thailand for pulse racing action, as some serious fish activity can be witnessed.

A big part of the show here; schools of metre plus long Pick-handle Barracudas, Giant and Blue Fin Trevally all actively hunting smashing into the poor glass fishes.

There is usually a school of Bat fish, these unique fish are genuinely intrigued by divers, and they can swim by very close, almost as if to check you out. Rainbow Runners, Snappers, large groups of Emperor Fish are also frequent callers to Tachai.

Manta Rays and Whaleshark are also very frequent visitors Koh Tachai and are sighted here throughout the season; In fact this past season has seen a massive spike in manta Ray and Whaleshark sighting right across all the dive site here on the Andaman Sea.

Bat Fish - Descent Line
Bat Fish – Descent Line

The gigantic boulders that help make up large portions of the topography of this site are very striking indeed and the sheer numbers of fish that thrive here really do make it a divers paradise.

With all the action, it is easy, very easy in fact to forget checking air gauges and computers for depth and bottom times, remember this dive site is deep, it’s fast and it’s a very very exhilarating dive site.

This dive site is so busy with aquatic traffic and there is so much to see that most divers request this dive site again and again!