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MV Giamani

Phuket Liveaboard Frequently Asked Questions by Dive Phuket Today answered by your Phuket Dive Butler.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many customers can be expected on a Phuket Liveaboard?

A. Depending on the quality and price of the Liveaboard, bargains can be had with boats holding over twenty to thirty divers.

Q. How many crew are on a Phuket Liveaboard?

A. Depending on the size of the dive vessel there will be a Captain, Engineer, 2-3 Boats Boys, Chef, Hostess and dive Professional Instructors

Q. My partner doesn’t Scuba Dive can they come too?

A. Of course they can come, Thailand Liveaboard’s are the most relaxing way to enjoy the local islands such as the Similan Islands. Most dive boats have spacious sun decks, and also the snorkeling is amazing. There are usually a couple of people who do not dive on each Liveaboard.

Q. Am I able to do PADI Courses whilst on a liveaboard?

A. Yes, all courses are available; some of the most popular courses are the Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox and Specialties, contact us with your questions regarding courses.  more about Dive Courses here…

Q. What is the accommodation like on the Liveaboard’s?

A. Varying depending on your budget from five star air conditioning en-suite berths to sleeping under the stars in a hammock.

Q. How many dives can I do on a liveaboard?

A. Normally four dives a day are available; some boats offer five a day.

Q. I have never tried night diving can I try it on a Liveaboard?

A. Oh yes indeed, what a treat you are in for, we also recommend trying a sunset dive first as this eases the new diver into the darkness gradually.

Q. Is Nitrox available on a Similan Liveaboard?

A. Most boats offer Nitrox, if you have never done the course, you can also do the Nitrox on course onboard

Q. I am a PADI Open Water Diver can I still dive on a Liveaboard?

A. Of course everyone is welcome. You will be divided up into groups of similar ability and experience and you can dive with your friends and family too.

Q. Are there dive guides on the Similan Liveaboard Phuket?

A. Every dive boat employs numerous dive professional to lead dives and run the boats.

Q. Do I have to show my scuba diving certification before I can dive on a Phuket Liveaboard?

A. We always want to see your Dive Certification Card and Logbook, so please bring them with you, if you forget or have lost it, we can check online, so do not worry.

Q. What shall I bring on board the Liveaboard?

A. You won’t need much in the way of clothes: shorts, t shirts, a fleece, bikinis, towels, sunglasses and sun cream maybe bring some money as well you may want to buy a few beers and a T-shirt.

Q. I do not have my own Scuba Diving Equipment – Can I rent scuba diving equipment on board?

A. You can rent whatever scuba diving equipment you need.

Q. Do you accept Cash or Credit Cards on board a liveaboard?

A. Most boats except credit cards but check first, they all accept cash.

Q. Is it expected that I tip on the Liveaboard at the end of the trip?

A. Thai Crew and Dive staff do not make much money so tipping is very welcome: ten percent of your trip is a general good rule of thumb.

Q. Will I be able to charge my camera and mobile devices whilst on the boat?

A. Yes all boats have electric outlets

Q. Will there be a telephone signal whilst on the boat?

A. At certain parts of the trip, however the boats do go a little remote at times and signal does come in and out.

Q. I am a vegetarian will this be a problem?

A. Not at all, just let us know and we can arrange a different meal selection for you and anyone with allergies, again let us know and we can accommodate you very easily.

Q. What happens if I get sick whilst on board?

A. We have seasick tablets on-board but if someone gets too sick then we will transport them back to the mainland so a doctor can check them over.

Q. Is there a re-compression Chamber nearby?

A. You are never more than a few hours away from a chamber.

Q. Do you have Whalesharks and Manta Rays?

A. Oh yes, not guaranteed, but they are there.

Q. Will I find Nemo