MV Giamani - Thailand Liveaboard
MV Giamani

Liveaboard Diving – Thailand is the ultimate destination for those who love to scuba dive while away on their holidays. Because they know that they will be guaranteed superb weather, crystal clear and calm seas.

They also know that will be well cared for by the warm and friendly Thai people; dare I forget, the magnificent taste-bud and tantalising mouth-watering Thai cuisine which has fast become the worlds most talked about cuisine –I dare not.

Thailand has become the world’s most popular dive education starting-point for learner divers and for years its reputation has grown and grown. As fantastic as the diving is for those who have just been awarded their Open Water Course, many people flock to these warm water shores to sample the fantastic world Class diving that Thailand also has to offer.

And in particular the diving down in the south of the country, namely in the Andaman Sea, which surrounds Phuket like a diamond necklace glistening in the tropical sunshine.

Diving Similan Islands
Diving Similan Islands

Since Thailand’s southern isthmus splits two major oceans (Indian and Pacific), most scuba divers head south for diving. The finest diving is along the south-western shores near the glorious resort of Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, the amazing dive sites of Koh Lanta – Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

The most popular and most famous of all the dive sites in the country are of course The Similan Islands, Koh Tachai and the daddy of them all, one of the top ten dive sites on the planet, ladies and Gentlemen I give you the wonderful (Jacques Cousteau’s favourite dive site in Asia) the magnificent, the legendary, the one, the only… Richelieu Rock!

A little further north from Richelieu is the Mergui Archipelago which is up toward Burma, and there are the Andaman Islands which to be fare is a couple of days sail away, still well worth a mention here.

All of these dive sites are available to everyone, whether new diver with four dives or an old salty sea dog with thousands of dives under their belt.
The question we hear a lot is: ‘how do I get to visit all these amazing dive sites on one trip, surely it must be impossible?’ our answer is simply; of course you can.

Leaving the harbours the of Phuket and Thap Lamu on a daily basis, is a wonderful selection of Liveaboard dive boats all heading out to the dive sites mentioned above.

A Liveaboard what’s that?

I knew you were going to ask that question.

Well a liveaboard is just that, a boat that you live on for a selected period of time.

Before I go any further, just imagine yourself on a dive boat cruising the azure warm waters around Phuket, simply relaxing in a hammock in the warm sunshine, before plunging into the Andaman Sea and swimming with graceful Manta Rays, watching Barracuda and Trevallies as they hunt, witness the peculiar habits of Cuttlefish and Octopus, enjoy a close and memorable encounter with a Reef Shark.

On a liveaboard this is what you do: wake up and dive, eat and then dive sleep and you guessed it dive. All the diving you could ever want, you can snorkel with turtles, observe dolphins and whales, if you’re lucky; visit remote and deserted islands.

Everything is done for you, there are professional dive guides to show you the best dive sites, and there is excellent cuisine available throughout the day. If you have never been on a liveaboard or if you have been on many, diving in Thailand and the Andaman Sea in particular is a must, so please do come and search our coral reefs which house some of the world’s most precious and diverse ecosystems on the planet.